Daley legislation allowing emergency refill of insulin sees Senate approval

LANSING, Mich. — The state Senate on Thursday approved a pair of bills sponsored by Sen. Kevin Daley that would allow pharmacists to dispense insulin under certain emergency circumstances.

“I am happy to see this legislation moving through the process,” said Daley, R-Lum. “Countless Michiganders need insulin to survive, and they should never be forced into a place where they can’t get their lifesaving medication. My bills would establish a safety net for those who rely on this medication in their daily lives.”

Senate Bill 155 would allow pharmacists to dispense up to a 30-day supply of insulin to an individual if the individual has no current refills on file, but they have a preexisting relationship with that pharmacy, and the pharmacist cannot get hold of the original prescriber.

SB 156 would amend the Insurance Code so an emergency refill dispensed in this situation would be covered by an individual’s health insurance.

Similar legislation has been approved by 38 other states.

“These bills would bring Michigan up to par with a vast majority of the country when it comes to protecting those who suffer from conditions that require insulin,” Daley said. “This is a commonsense reform that I hope to see quickly make its way to the governor’s desk.”

Both bills now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.