Daley reacts to Whitmer administration extension of indoor dining shutdown

Daley reacts to Whitmer administration extension of indoor dining shutdown

LANSING, Mich. — After the Whitmer administration’s announcement that restaurants will be forced to remain closed until after the new year, State Sen. Kevin Daley, R-Lum, issued the following statement:

“For months, lawmakers and residents alike have repeatedly asked the governor to share the information she is using to take hold of everyone’s lives.

“Unfortunately, these calls have gone unanswered.

“Restaurants have been crushed by the heavy-handed, blanket orders that have come down from the administration. Now, as we find ourselves in the peak of the holiday season, she is again asking restaurants to make concessions as they barely hold their heads above water.

“This order seems like salt in the wound to those in the industry. Big box stores and chains have been able to operate this whole time, and now casinos, movie theaters and bowling alleys are able to open, but restaurants still remain left behind. Not only is this an incredibly unfair standard, but it places both an unfair and undeserved appearance of danger on the backs of our local business owners. This order tells folks it’s safe to go spend a night at the casino, but you better not stop in at the local diner down the street for a meal with your family.

“People are being forced to close the door on their life’s work without so much as a chance to show they have made the investments to meet safety protocols. This country was founded on the idea of working hard to build a future for yourself — unfortunately folks are now being prevented from earning a living because of government mandates. That is patently against every value we as Americans stand for.”


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