Daley supports fiscally responsible Senate budget

Daley supports fiscally responsible Senate budget

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Kevin Daley on Wednesday supported the fiscal year 2020 Senate budget plan.

“This budget is a responsible approach to funding our state for the upcoming fiscal year,” said Daley, R-Lum. “With this plan we see record funding going to roads and the state’s public schools, all while ensuring the state lives within its means.”

The plan approved by the Senate this week would fund the full implementation of the 2015 roads plan and put additional money into Michigan’s hurting roads. With this plan fully funded, the state’s annual transportation spending reaches record levels and local governments will see increases in their road repair budgets.

Also included in the Senate plan is a $15.2 billion investment in education. Schools would see a foundation allowance boost of between $135 and $270 per pupil — the largest per-pupil increase in 18 years and $107 million more of a foundation allowance increase than the governor’s plan. Also included is money to support skilled trades training to get workers into high-demand jobs.

“My colleagues and I made a special effort to close the funding gap between schools in Michigan,” Daley said. “We want to ensure all students have a level playing field and they have the resources they need to reach their educational and career goals.”

Also included is $120 million to monitor and analyze water quality throughout the state; funding for Michigan’s community colleges and universities; $51.2 million in revenue sharing to assist local governments; money to train and graduate 85 new state police troopers; strengthened protections for rural hospitals; and money to be saved for a rainy day.

“This is the next step toward getting our budget done ahead of schedule,” Daley said. “The Legislature has approved eight budgets in a row ahead of schedule. This budget increases funding for our roads and schools, funds crucial state programs and recognizes taxpayer priorities — all without imposing a burdensome tax increase on Michigan families. I hope we can make this number nine.”

The budget bills now head to the House for consideration.



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