Daley votes against Elizabeth Hertel as state health director

Daley votes against Elizabeth Hertel as state health director

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Kevin Daley, R-Lum, issued the following statement on Tuesday regarding his vote opposing Elizabeth Hertel as director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:

“I have received countless calls from across my district from folks who have been disappointed and angry with how the governor’s administration has handled this pandemic.

“The courts ruled that the governor’s executive orders were unconstitutional, and instead of following the law, she is now using an unelected bureaucratic position to issue arbitrary orders with no science or data to back them up.

“I was hopeful the new director would have the courtesy to provide people with better solutions and be open and transparent, but instead, what we got was more restrictions on restaurants and small businesses without any data or reasoning.

“The more we learn about the administration’s handling of their coronavirus policies, the worse it gets. Today, I chose to stand up for the hardworking people of my district and oppose the appointment of Elizabeth Hertel as the state’s health director.”


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