Daley County Press Op-Ed: Lansing Democrats adjourn session historically early, my office remains open to serve you

Daley County Press Op-Ed: Lansing Democrats adjourn session historically early, my office remains open to serve you

By Kevin Daley
26th Senate District

A few weeks ago, the Democrat majority in the Legislature adjourned session sine die. This means that the Michigan House and Senate are done meeting for the calendar year — no committees will hold hearings and no votes will be cast, unless the governor calls a special session. The last time the Legislature adjourned before December was 1968.

This decision shows a shocking lack of awareness by the majority. While the hardworking people of Michigan continue to show up each and every day to provide for their families, legislative Democrats have decided that your elected leaders do not have to go to work. They have given themselves a break from working for their constituents with an extra-long, yearend holiday.

All of this was done so that our state’s presidential primary could be moved ahead to February, thus ensuring that Michigan is one of the first states to vote for who might represent the two political parties in the next presidential election. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has made no secret of her further political aspirations, and creating a national media swarm around our state was deemed more important to her than state lawmakers showing up to work.

Since she has occupied the governor’s office over the past five years, I have never once seen the governor on the floor of the Senate working with legislators. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of bipartisanship across the aisle in both chambers. As the only currently serving Republican member of the Legislature who has served in the minority before, I have seen this harmful partisan behavior in past sessions, and I know how bad it can be for our state.

Democrats have pushed through radical policies, such as repealing Right to Work and implementing Michigan’s very own Green New Deal. These bills are part of many passed along party-line votes this year that will make Michigan an enemy of business. What company would want to invest in our state knowing that we are run by a majority that is unfriendly to their success? I fear what these extreme measures will do to Michigan’s economy.

Families, seniors and small businesses now will face the devastating effects of the majority’s radical, partisan decisions over the past year. Income tax cuts have been fought while tax hikes have been passed. Michigan’s historic budget surplus has been drained by corporate handouts, more government bureaucracy, and special pet projects.

Like many Michiganders, I have family living in other states. What incentive do my loved ones have to return to Michigan? They look at our higher taxes and higher energy prices and decide to stay where they are. Gov. Whitmer claims she wants to attract people to Michigan, and yet her policies are only pushing people away.

While the majority may be taking an early vacation, I want to assure you that my office is still open and working for you. My office is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we can be reached at 517-373-1777 or [email protected]. gov. Please do not hesitate to reach out and share what is on your mind; we are always happy to listen and help in any way that we can.

Sen. Kevin Daley, R-Lum, represents Michigan’s 26th Senate District. This op-ed appeared in the Nov. 25, 2023 edition of The Country Press.

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